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The STACT Project is our initiative to encourage collaborations between middle and high school science teachers and their colleagues in the technical arts. People gives more information about the students and collaborators contributing to this effort, and Projects shows examples of their work. You’ll find websites for the courses Goldsby is teaching now by hovering over the Teaching link. About Goldsby gives Contact Information and an out-of-date Biographical Statement Goldsby had to write while he was Honors Director. Email is the best way to reach him; telephone is the worst.

Students from  Ransom Middle School in Pensacola played their instruments in Scott Ames’s  classroom and viewed the standing sound waves in real time on a Rubens tube (also built by Scott and his students) located in our lab on FSU’s Tallahassee campus. That means we may have found a way to work with you and your students, demonstrating science that you cover in class and answering your students’ questions along the way.