General Chemistry I (CHM 1045), Fall 2019

Where have we been; where are we going?
Been here: C1,S2-6; C2,S3-7; C3,S1; C4,S1.
Going there: C3,S2

Course Materials
1045 slides up to Sept 13, 2019
CHM 1045 syllabus for Fall 2019, revised 8-30-2019
Info Handout for Exam One, Fall 2018
Selected links to item from lecture slides
Useful Links

Omni Chemistry Calculators

Online Text: Chemistry, OpenStax

Chemistry-OP, Chapter 1
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 2
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 3
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 4
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 9
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 5
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 6
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 7
Chemistry-OP, Chapter 8
Chemistry-OP, End of Text – Tables, Answers, and Index

Recitation Worksheets and Solutions

Week 2 Recitation Handout

Homework Assignments and Additional Practice Problems

Representing Hydrocarbon Structures using Line Drawing
Line Drawings, More Practice
Solutions to Unit I Homework
Unit I Homework Set, Problems 1-40 (not fair game for Exam 1)
Unit II Homework Set, Problems 1-30, six new problems plus Balloonboy
Unit III Homework Set, Problems 1-30
Unit IV Homework Set

Old Exams

Exam One, CHM 1045, Spring 2016
Periodic Table to go with Problem I from Exam 1, Spring 2016
Exam Two, CHM 1045, Spring 2018
Exam Three, CHM 1045, Spring 2018, Pages 1-3
Final Exam, CHM 1045, Spring 2018

Liberal Studies Assignment, Fall 2019

Adding flavors to e-cigarette liquids changes chemistry, creates irritants

Liberal Studies Assignment, Fall 2018

2018 Nobel in Economics Awarded…, New York Times, October 8, 2018
Instructions for Data Collection
Table for Data Analysis