Scott Ames

Agricultural Science Program
Ransom Middle School, Cantonment, FL
Calling Mr. Ames a collaborator is like calling Bell one of Watson’s helpers. Scott is an equal partner in what we now call the STACT Project, but we had to stick his bio somewhere, so this seemed like the best place. You can learn more about Scott by going to the STACT Project page.


Bridget DePrince
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

B.S. – Wake Forest University (2005)
M.S. – University of Chicago (2007)
PhD – University of Chicago (2011)
Postdoc – Emory University (2011-2013)


Mike Suchcicki
Multimedia Handyman, Pensacola, FL

Mike currently is spending his days as a freelance web producer, writer and editor, having recently retired after more than 30 years at the Pensacola News Journal. He also is a graphic designer and game designer and publisher, having created the game Ghoulash: The Last Game on Earth. Samples of his design and graphic work can be found at Our collaborations with Mr. Suchcicki go way back to 1998, where we contributed descriptions of science demonstrations that he illustrated for Tooned Up, a children’s magazine Mike created and distributed to all elementary students in Escambia County. More recently, Mike led… okay, dragged us onto the Internet (apparently it’s a system of tubes, and we agree that an understanding of plumbing is important), and he introduced us to the Twitterverse. Mike also is pursuing a side career as a self-publishing ebook author, currently working on a young adult comic novel and a novel based on the Ghoulash universe.


Craig CramerCraig Cramer
Raa Middle School, Tallahassee, FL

Mr. Cramer is what we fondly used to call a shop teacher, but he plays a special role at Raa Middle School. Raa’s Arts Magnet Program offers a “rigorous academic curriculum for the arts, with performances at all levels, [where they] are able to provide enhanced learning opportunities to better prepare students for high school and beyond. Students are able to explore arts courses that include music, dance, visual art, and theater.” Students taking shop with Mr. Cramer build the sets and props for the performances at Raa. Craig and his students built our first Rubens tube.