The STACT Project

College and university science departments rely on the shops that support their research programs to build equipment for classroom demonstrations and laboratory courses, but middle and high school science teachers rarely take advantage of the shop facilities at their schools. The Science and Technical Arts Collaborative Teaching (STACT) Project is an initiative to start conversations between science teachers and technical arts teachers at middle and high schools throughout Florida. Beyond providing demonstrations and equipment for science teachers and projects for shop teachers, we have found that these collaborations lead to opportunities for cross-disciplinary teaching and learning.

Our primary collaborator in this project is Scott Ames, a 20-year veteran shop teacher. Scott is currently the Agricultural Science teacher at Ransom Middle School in Cantonment, FL (just northwest of Pensacola), where his skills and experiences working with middle school, high school, and adult vocational students have allowed him to expand the Ransom AgSci Program to include aquaponics and poultry farming; see Scott’s website.